selected works

Emotional Totem, 2018

Perspex glass, digital print on paper, acrylic

Hoards Contained, 2018

Mixed media

Hanging Mimicries, 2018

Cotton, foil tape

That one time needles were coming from everywhere (Dream Catcher) — closeup, 2018
Aluminium, feathers, 35 toothpicks, acrylic, tin can, stainless steel

(neonlike) Micro Liptsick Particle, 2018
Aluminium, acrylic

(neonlike) Cyborg, A Lavender Microbe, 2018
Aluminium, acrylic

No One Said There Were Only Two, 2018

Aluminium, clay

Is There A Chakra For A 3rd Hand, 2018
Aluminium, tin, acrylic

when they shed skin (a handrail) , 2017
Steel, cotton, wool, acrylic

Right Between the Legs, Instincts (close up) , 2017
Steel, cotton, wool, acrylic

Invasive Species stand still, 2017
Steel, acrylic


not forks but struggles, 2016
Stainless steel, aluminium