That Mighty Wirelessness, 2018(performance)/70843/Eva-and-Jessicarcarcar.pdf

After all is not ‘just there’, stagnant and inert. And it’s not that it isn’t announced and so it becomes voyeuristic – we’re aware of its presence in the space and of how much it interferes with, and remembers, that which is happening in there.

These agglomerated considerations, stories, decisions and gestures, also amalgamate that which we do with it, in front of it, around it and behind its back(s). It might not be vigilant (I would rather it isn’t), but it relinquishes its apparent severity – it lets itself be impressed upon, and reflects back.


                                                                                                                  7 (sete)

          intensely anxious (potentially unsure or confused),  as it were , canary yellow - got it



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