selected works


not forks but struggles, 2016
Stainless steel, aluminium

Invasive Species stand still, 2017
Steel, acrylic

Right Between the Legs, Instincts (close up) , 2017
Steel, cotton, wool, acrylic

when they shed skin (a handrail) , 2017
Steel, cotton, wool, acrylic

Is There A Chakra For A 3rd Hand — closeup, 2018
Aluminium, tin, acrylic

That one time needles were coming from everywhere (Dream Catcher) — closeup, 2018
Aluminium, feathers, 35 toothpicks, acrylic, tin can, stainless steel

No One Said There Were Only Two, 2018

Aluminium, clay

(neonlike) Cyborg, A Lavender Microbe, 2018
Aluminium, acrylic

(neonlike) Micro Liptsick Particle, 2018
Aluminium, acrylic